Dec 11 2010

Emotion Expressiveness

Working on expressing emotion and movement in my work.  Trying to get away from a literal interpretation of what I see to increase expressiveness.  I really enjoy the work of Christian Blanco and am inspired every time I check out his site.

Nov 11 2010

Save your fingers with Photoshop Actions

If you are like many designers out there, when designing a website, you most likely build the layout using Adobe Photoshop, slice up the necessary imagery, and then save the images as individual files. This process can be broken down to five basic steps.

Oct 04 2010

Pencil Icon VS. Drop Down Actions Menu - Fight!

If you've used DotNetNuke for any length of time, I'm sure you've discovered the quick edit pencil icon and the Modules Action drop down menu as ways to edit your content. I'm also sure that you've noticed these two features "fight" for the same space on the page, which can become somewhat annoying.

Sep 25 2010

How We Got Here

I've been wanting to come up with a new design for my personal website for some time now.  After two different iterations of "typical" website layouts, I decided to switch gears and come up with a single page blog design.  I work with DotNetNuke on a daily basis, so my framework choice was a no brainer.  I also have an interest in art and photography, so I wanted the layout to express those passions as well.  

Aug 21 2010

Lets Make Beer

Home brewing is something I've wanted to try for a very long time.  After much thought, research, and planning, I finally decided to step out of the "wanting" and into the "doing".  This series of posts will follow my first attempt at brewing beer at home.  We'll cover: Preparation & Purchasing. What you need and need to know to brew your first batch of beer. Brew Day. From sanitizing to fermenting in a single bound. Transfer Day. Transferring the beer from the primary fermentor to the secondary fermentor. Bottling Day. Putting some elbow grease in your beer. Tasting Day. Best day ever! To anyone who has a slight interest in brewing beer at home, I highly recommend you get out of the "wanting" and into the "doing".  After having gone through the entire process, I can honest ...