Aug 21 2012

Copic marker fun with a little Dark Knight Rises Inspiration

I recently watched the "How to Draw Flesh Tones with Adam Hughes" video over on YouTube.  In that video, he discusses and demonstrates how he uses Copic markers to generate various flesh tones in his work.  Having never used Copic markers, I was very intrigued in picking up a couple...  until I saw the price.  These markers are CRAZY expensive! After becoming acclimated to the price and doing some research, I decided to take the plunge and pick up a set.  I went with Mr. Hughes' suggestion and purchased a set of Copic Sketch warm gray markers.

After having some time with the new markers, I'm really enjoying being able to get a lot of value down quickly.  They are also fairly easy to get a nice blend across values. I have yet to use them on decent paper, but you can see one of my first attempts with the markers below.

I'm looking forward to getting some more time with these markers as well as branching out and picking up various colors.


A 45 minute sketch of Bane from The Dark Knight Rises (which I thoroughly enjoyed).  I used Copic markers for values and shading and a black ballpoint pin for the details.

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