Sep 06 2011

Comic book fun

As a kid, I would come home after school, open up my favorite comic books, and draw what I saw.  I spent countless hours drawing characters and even going so far as to draw copies of entire pages of comic books.  As an adult, I find myself with little time to draw, but I want that to change.  The following drawing is an exercise for me in patience and technique as well as an effort to make time to draw.  It is a drawing of Spawn created by Todd Mcfarlane (who happens to make some pretty amazing toys).  I used Todd's artwork for reference.

Line Art - 7.25 hours, Colors - 4.25 hours, Total - 11.5 hours 

Photoshop and a Wacom.

Mouse over the image to see this drawing at its various stages of completion.

Who is this?

Ian Robinson
I especially like that you can see the progression - nice touch. Great work - keep it up!
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