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Jan 01 2014

Year of Drawing COMPLETE

Yesterday marked the completion of an entire year of drawing the figure daily.  I used the Jerry Seinfeld method of productivity with the calendar to the right.  Every day I was able to draw, I placed a red x on the calendar.  Whether it was drawing through nearly a 104 fever, or waking up and drawing at 6:00 am, or drawing after driving for 10 hours... somehow, I managed to draw every day for the past year.

Feb 07 2012

Sign of the Times

Absolutely brilliant piece that depicts the age in which we live.  A reminder that the most effective and powerful solutions are often the simplest.  Originally viewed at Drawn.

Nov 14 2011

Deadlines by KreativMagazin

Fantastic video put together by KreativMagazin on what a time constraint does to creativity.  I really enjoy the fact that playfulness and fun are mentioned as these are some of the main reasons why we got into art in the first place.  Originally viewed at Drawn.