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Jan 01 2014

Year of Drawing COMPLETE

Yesterday marked the completion of an entire year of drawing the figure daily.  I used the Jerry Seinfeld method of productivity with the calendar to the right.  Every day I was able to draw, I placed a red x on the calendar.  Whether it was drawing through nearly a 104 fever, or waking up and drawing at 6:00 am, or drawing after driving for 10 hours... somehow, I managed to draw every day for the past year.

Nov 19 2013

Year of Drawing The Legs

After much study, the legs are complete. There are a crazy number of muscles throughout the leg so a lot of effort was placed on anatomy and muscle structure. The feet are all that remain as I close out this full year of drawing.  I can almost see the finish line!

Jul 01 2013

Year of Drawing Arms

The months of May and June were spent studying the arms.  A lot of time was spent on the anatomy of the arm and I can now easily tell you were your Extensor Carpi Radialis Longus is located!  

Mar 01 2013

Year of Drawing The Head

I'm happy to say that the small sampling of images above are a result of drawing every day for the first two months of the year. January and February were spent focusing on the head, neck, and facial features. A big thanks goes out to an extremely talented artist and teacher, Stan Prokopenko over at He's got some really great videos on the head and facial features that are definitely worth a look.