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May 07 2012

Recycling the DotNetNuke Recycle Bin

I've been using DotNetNuke for about five years now and am very impressed with the overall quality of the product.  There have been a number of changes made to the software during that time and some of these changes have introduced major improvements to the usability and functionality of DotNetNuke. However, there is one particular area that I feel could use a little extra attention and that is the DotNetNuke Recycle Bin.

Mar 19 2011

A note on DotNetNuke Pro Permissions and Work Flow

For the past two or three months, I have had the distinct privilege of working in depth with the DotNetNuke Professional edition. Most notably with the extended permissions and advanced work flow options. The combination of these two very powerful pieces of functionality gives the end user almost limitless options in how he or she wishes to configure his or her website.