Aug 21 2010

Lets Make Beer

Home brewing is something I've wanted to try for a very long time.  After much thought, research, and planning, I finally decided to step out of the "wanting" and into the "doing".  This series of posts will follow my first attempt at brewing beer at home.  We'll cover: Preparation & Purchasing. What you need and need to know to brew your first batch of beer. Brew Day. From sanitizing to fermenting in a single bound. Transfer Day. Transferring the beer from the primary fermentor to the secondary fermentor. Bottling Day. Putting some elbow grease in your beer. Tasting Day. Best day ever! To anyone who has a slight interest in brewing beer at home, I highly recommend you get out of the "wanting" and into the "doing".  After having gone through the entire process, I can honest ...