Mar 19 2011

A note on DotNetNuke Pro Permissions and Work Flow

For the past two or three months, I have had the distinct privilege of working in depth with the DotNetNuke Professional edition. Most notably with the extended permissions and advanced work flow options. The combination of these two very powerful pieces of functionality gives the end user almost limitless options in how he or she wishes to configure his or her website.

Dec 28 2010

Why I believe life is so challenging at times

It seems like everyone has hard times and life tends to fall apart. Sometimes things fall apart so badly that we wonder if they can ever be restored. I believe that this happens because there is an enemy in this world that we cannot see, but is no less real than the air we breathe. His name is Satan and I believe he is doing everything in his power to get us to stumble, fall, and focus on ourselves long enough for us to believe that either God doesn’t care or that God isn’t real. The scary thing is that this can happen in the subtlest of ways. Often attacking the things that we hold most dear. For example, if you are happily married, then the relationship with your spouse is a prime target. I think this has even greater emphasis if you are a married Christian couple, but that is a different topic.

Dec 11 2010

Emotion Expressiveness

Working on expressing emotion and movement in my work.  Trying to get away from a literal interpretation of what I see to increase expressiveness.  I really enjoy the work of Christian Blanco and am inspired every time I check out his site.

Nov 11 2010

Save your fingers with Photoshop Actions

If you are like many designers out there, when designing a website, you most likely build the layout using Adobe Photoshop, slice up the necessary imagery, and then save the images as individual files. This process can be broken down to five basic steps.