Nov 14 2011

Deadlines by KreativMagazin

Fantastic video put together by KreativMagazin on what a time constraint does to creativity.  I really enjoy the fact that playfulness and fun are mentioned as these are some of the main reasons why we got into art in the first place.  Originally viewed at Drawn.

Oct 22 2011

Introducing the human spider or in the words of Bruce Campbell THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN

Awhile back, I was asked to paint a mural for my cousin.  The painting was to be based off of a popular book about a little brown bear who wears a floppy red hat.  As I began to flesh out the idea and draw various sketches, I realized that it had been quite some time since I had painted anything traditionally.  Not wanting to use my cousin's walls as a guinea pig, I thought I would use my own. More specifically, my son's.  

Sep 06 2011

Comic book fun

As a kid, I would come home after school, open up my favorite comic books, and draw what I saw.  I spent countless hours drawing characters and even going so far as to draw copies of entire pages of comic books.  As an adult, I find myself with little time to draw, but I want that to change.  The following drawing is an exercise for me in patience and technique as well as an effort to make time to draw.  It is a drawing of Spawn created by Todd Mcfarlane (who happens to make some pretty amazing toys).  I used Todd's artwork for reference.

Aug 25 2011

How to make beer video series

I came across the following videos by Gary Glass, the director of American Homebrewers Association and thought they did a great job of walking through the various ingredients, equipment, and processes it takes to make a batch of beer.  I hope you enjoy.

Jul 13 2011

Back to Finger Painting

A quick 20 minute sketch at various stages using SketchBook Pro for iPad.  The app is great, but I have to admit that drawing with my fingers feels a bit awkward...

Mar 19 2011

A note on DotNetNuke Pro Permissions and Work Flow

For the past two or three months, I have had the distinct privilege of working in depth with the DotNetNuke Professional edition. Most notably with the extended permissions and advanced work flow options. The combination of these two very powerful pieces of functionality gives the end user almost limitless options in how he or she wishes to configure his or her website.