By yoooee on 12/31/2013 3:28 PM

Feet, feet, and more feet!  A sample of the numerous feet drawn over the last two months of the year.

By yoooee on 11/19/2013 9:14 PM

After much study, the legs are complete. There are a crazy number of muscles throughout the leg so a lot of effort was placed on anatomy and muscle structure. The feet are all that remain as I close out this full year of drawing.  I can almost see the finish line!

By yoooee on 9/1/2013 1:30 PM

A very small sampling of the many hands that were drawn over the months of July and August.  I will be using the remainder of the year to focus on the legs and feet.

By yoooee on 7/1/2013 8:49 PM

The months of May and June were spent studying the arms.  A lot of time was spent on the anatomy of the arm and I can now easily tell you were your Extensor Carpi Radialis Longus is located!  

This post marks the halfway point in a full year of drawing daily.  Onto the hands!

By yoooee on 5/1/2013 8:20 PM

The second month of anatomy studies focusing on the torso is completed.  Onto the arms.

By yoooee on 4/1/2013 12:59 PM

Above are a few of the different torso studies of the figure I've done for the month of March.

By yoooee on 3/1/2013 8:30 PM

I'm happy to say that the small sampling of images above are a result of drawing every day for the first two months of the year. January and February were spent focusing on the head, neck, and facial features. A big thanks goes out to an extremely talented artist and teacher, Stan Prokopenko over at He's got some really great videos on the head and facial features that are definitely worth a look.

By yoooee on 2/23/2013 8:07 PM

A few gestures done at the beginning of the month at my local drawing and painting meetup.  Worked with colored pencils, graphite, and a Sharpie Brush Tip marker.

By yoooee on 1/20/2013 9:16 PM

Changing things up by trying my hand at some basic ink work in the first two drawings.

By yoooee on 1/12/2013 1:45 PM

Here are a few figure poses done over the last two weeks at two different meetups. Poses range from 5 - 20 minutes.  Tried my hand using copic markers in two of the figure studies.

By yoooee on 12/31/2012 5:16 PM

Figure study done with a Wacom and Photoshop in 4 - 6 hours. My final drawing for 2012.

By yoooee on 12/30/2012 3:34 PM

I attended my first local Drawing and Painting Meetup group last week and had a great time drawing from a live model. The people were all very kind and it was a great atmosphere. The drawings above range from 1 minute gestures to a 40 minute study.

By yoooee on 12/14/2012 3:49 PM

A portrait, a building, and a couple of random figure studies for the end of October and all of November.

By yoooee on 10/24/2012 5:08 PM

A couple of figure studies and a few facial expressions for this past week.

By yoooee on 10/3/2012 8:13 PM

My first post for October. Focused on rendering and shading in this hour long sketch of a seated female figure.

By yoooee on 9/29/2012 2:03 PM

A couple of seated poses for the remaining gestures of September.

By yoooee on 9/3/2012 12:43 PM


The first week of September has been a productive one.

By yoooee on 8/26/2012 1:07 PM

A couple of quick traditional gesture studies to close out the month of August.

By yoooee on 8/22/2012 9:17 PM

A quick 20 minute sketch using J Scott Campbell's work as a reference. About an hour for the Copics and ink.

By yoooee on 8/21/2012 5:19 PM

I recently watched the "How to Draw Flesh Tones with Adam Hughes" video over on YouTube.  In that video, he discusses and demonstrates how he uses Copic markers to generate various flesh tones in his work.  Having never used Copic markers, I was very intrigued in picking up a couple...  until I saw the price.  These markers are CRAZY expensive! After becoming acclimated to the price and doing some research, I decided to take the plunge and pick up a set.  I went with Mr. Hughes' suggestion and purchased a set of Copic Sketch warm gray markers.

After having some time with the new markers, I'm really enjoying being able to get a lot of value down quickly.  They are also fairly easy to get a nice blend across values. I have yet to use them on decent paper, but you can see one of my first attempts with the markers below.

I'm looking forward to getting some more time with these markers as well as branching out and picking up various colors.


A 45 minute sketch of Bane from The Dark Knight Rises (which I thoroughly enjoyed).  I used Copic markers for values and shading and a black ballpoint pin for the details.

By yoooee on 8/13/2012 5:41 PM

July was a little bit hectic for posting. Here are a couple of gesture studies that were done during the second half of the month.

By yoooee on 7/11/2012 5:21 PM

A couple of quick poses for what I'm calling the second week of July.  A seated female from different angles and a standing male. 

By yoooee on 7/4/2012 10:22 AM

Really starting to enjoy the fluidity, movement, and volume that's coming through in my figure drawings.  

By yoooee on 6/23/2012 11:38 AM

I've been a bit of a slacker scanning and posting this month. Here are my gestures for the past four weeks.

By yoooee on 5/29/2012 5:38 PM

Trying to capture the mass and weight of the figure in this pose.

By yoooee on 5/28/2012 10:19 AM

Quick sketches of the same pose from different angles.

By yoooee on 5/12/2012 1:21 PM

Multiple views of the same pose (nude male standing) for this weeks gestures.

By yoooee on 5/6/2012 3:30 PM

Three quick gestures to start the month of May. Working on conveying the depth of the figure.

By yoooee on 4/29/2012 1:00 PM

A 3-4 hour painting of a standing female. Working on shading and rendering skin tones with Photoshop and a Wacom.

By yoooee on 4/28/2012 1:22 PM

One gesture/render for the last week of April. About 45 minutes to an hour.

By yoooee on 4/25/2012 6:44 PM

One gesture and a couple of portraits this week.

By yoooee on 4/22/2012 11:57 AM

A 2 - 3 hour portrait with Photoshop and a Wacom.

By yoooee on 4/15/2012 3:25 PM

Various poses from a very productive week of drawing!

By yoooee on 4/6/2012 5:56 PM

A 30 minute sketch after a couple of quick 1 minute practice sketches of the same figure.

By yoooee on 4/4/2012 5:11 PM

Two quick studies to end the month of March.

By yoooee on 3/19/2012 8:02 PM

March madness (the kind that has nothing to do with Basketball) has resulted in very little time to draw this month.  The above are some of the gestures I've managed to squeeze in over the past three weeks.

By yoooee on 2/28/2012 5:56 PM

These are the only five minute sketches I managed for week 4.  Shame on me...

By yoooee on 2/17/2012 6:26 PM

Two 15 minute sketches.

By yoooee on 2/13/2012 9:44 PM

A few quick 1 minute gesture drawings and then a 5 minute study of the same pose.

By yoooee on 2/12/2012 8:05 PM

1 - 2 hour study of a seated man done with Photoshop and a Wacom.

By yoooee on 2/11/2012 12:46 PM

Continuing to work on capturing value and form. Approximately 30 to 90 minutes each with Photoshop and a Wacom.

By yoooee on 2/8/2012 8:39 PM

Quick 1 minute gesture drawings to capture movement and motion and then 5 minute studies to capture value and details.

By yoooee on 1/30/2012 10:00 PM

A quick 5 minute sketch emphasizing movement and the force of gravity on the body.

By yoooee on 12/19/2011 1:49 PM

Portrait of a random face found in Google Images.
Approximately 3 hours with Photoshop and a Wacom.

By yoooee on 10/28/2011 11:45 AM

A quick 40 minute painting focusing on values.

By yoooee on 10/22/2011 9:21 AM

What I was hoping to accomplish.

Awhile back, I was asked to paint a mural for my cousin.  The painting was to be based off of a popular book about a little brown bear who wears a floppy red hat.  As I began to flesh out the idea and draw various sketches, I realized that it had been quite some time since I had painted anything traditionally.  Not wanting to use my cousin's walls as a guinea pig, I thought I would use my own. More specifically, my son's.  

I got an idea from a local comic book shop to paint Spiderman swinging into the room while shooting a web across the room. 

Now that I had an idea, I needed the paints and paintbrushes to bring my idea to life.  Again, not having painted for a very long time, I started to do my research for the best paints for murals.  After a couple of quick trips to the local art store, I had the paint and brushes needed.

My process was going to be as follows:

  1. Draw the image in chalk.
  2. Paint a base coat of white.
  3. Paint flat colors to define shapes.
  4. Paint highlights and shadows.
  5. Paint the details.
  6. Finishing touches.

Step 1 - Draw the image in chalk.

Using the image on the left as my reference art, I began to sketch out the drawing in chalk.

Step 2 - Paint a base coat of white.

Using leftover house paint, I filled in the chalk drawing to create a silhouette.  This step was done to ensure that my final colors would be as true as possible without the wall color interfering.

Note: This step worked well for keeping my colors pure, but created a problem.  All the lines and proportions I had worked out in the chalk drawing were now gone and would need to be re-worked.

Step 3 - Paint flat colors to define shapes.

At this point, I began to paint the various red shapes of Spiderman.  I quickly realized that my bare bones purchase of a single red color was not going to be enough.

Step 4 - Paint highlights and shadows.

Learning a little something from my previous step, I decided to paint the blue of Spiderman to include shading and highlights from the beginning.  This technique allowed me to combine steps and save a little time.  Because I had already painted the red, I had to go back over that color with a various shades to create depth and dimension.

Step 5 - Paint the details.

At this stage, Spiderman is pretty much complete.  The only thing that remains is the web pattern that covers his face and body.

Step 6 - Finishing touches.

The last step was to use house paint that matched the room to touch up any areas around the edges of Spiderman that were white from the original silhouette.

In closing, I am very happy with the way this projected turned out.  It gave me a great deal of experience to better prepare me for painting my cousins wall and also taught me a few things along the way.

By yoooee on 10/11/2011 12:36 PM

A continuation of my previous perspective work.  Not really sure where this is going, but we'll see what happens.

By yoooee on 10/10/2011 2:18 PM

A continuation of my previous perspective work.

By yoooee on 10/7/2011 1:35 PM

Having a little fun with perspective after watching an awesome video by Martin Perhiniak over at

By yoooee on 9/6/2011 12:59 PM

As a kid, I would come home after school, open up my favorite comic books, and draw what I saw.  I spent countless hours drawing characters and even going so far as to draw copies of entire pages of comic books.  As an adult, I find myself with little time to draw, but I want that to change.  The following drawing is an exercise for me in patience and technique as well as an effort to make time to draw.  It is a drawing of Spawn created by Todd Mcfarlane (who happens to make some pretty amazing toys).  I used Todd's artwork for reference.

Line Art - 7.25 hours, Colors - 4.25 hours, Total - 11.5 hours 

Photoshop and a Wacom.

Mouse over the image to see this drawing at its various stages of completion.

By yoooee on 9/4/2011 2:49 PM

About 15 or 20 minutes with SketchBook Pro for the iPad.

By yoooee on 9/4/2011 2:30 PM

A couple of quick 5-10 minute gesture drawings from reference.

By yoooee on 7/30/2011 8:42 PM

About 2 hours with SketchBook Pro for the iPad.

By yoooee on 7/13/2011 11:14 AM

A quick 20 minute sketch at various stages using SketchBook Pro for iPad.  The app is great, but I have to admit that drawing with my fingers feels a bit awkward...

By yoooee on 5/18/2011 11:52 AM

Quick 45 minute sketch just for fun.

By yoooee on 1/8/2011 3:36 PM

This is a drawing I did around the age of 13.  It's based off the cover art for Wolverine #37 Blood and Claws Part 3 originally done by Marc Silvestri.  That was a great series!

By yoooee on 1/7/2011 11:38 AM

Something I did a couple of years ago.  Four hours with Photoshop and a Wacom.
By yoooee on 12/17/2010 1:58 PM
Quick 25 minute sketch
By yoooee on 12/11/2010 11:19 AM
Working on expressing emotion and movement in my work.  Trying to get away from a literal interpretation of what I see to increase expressiveness.  I really enjoy the work of Christian Blanco and am inspired every time I check out his site.
By yoooee on 12/1/2010 1:06 PM

Testing out the addition of extra memory in my computer and having fun doing it!  Quick 5-10 minute sketch.

By yoooee on 11/29/2010 1:28 PM

A visual journal to improvement - Week 2

More work with the Wacom.

By yoooee on 11/16/2010 1:01 PM

A visual journal to improvement - Week 1

Working on control with the Wacom tablet.

My circles seem to be naturally wide and my vertical lines need work.

By yoooee on 11/1/2010 12:27 PM

Random sketches for today...  Trying to get back into the swing of things with the Wacom